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SGT Cloud Solution

SGT Cloud provides a broad portfolio of information technology solutions and business process to its clients worldwide. Our core portfolio comprises application development, business process consulting services as well as professional staffing services in information-technology. We are experienced in providing high quality solutions to clients in diverse business areas. We are providing cost effective global support by our offshore partners across India and other countries.


SGT Cloud Solution

We are already in the field for more than a decade in the name of Gee Dee’s Info Solutions Pvt Ltd due to some issues we have close our entire operations and step up in to a different vertical, but the foot prints which we embedded first will never be forgettable, so with all due course we again step in the same vertical after taking a long breathe along with experience teams.

SGT Cloud Solution Pvt Ltd. is based in Chennai (India) and representing SGT Cloud is engaged in delivering ITe’S services to onshore and offshore clients. The company was founded on the core values of Transformation, Excellence, Integrity, Care, and Trust.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be a successful service oriented company globally by meet or exceed our customer needs and expectations by delivering cost effective, right quality and customer oriented technology solutions on time.

Our Mission

To be a most preferred quality service provider and Resourcing partner throughout the world by providing quality services.

Industries Served

Retail Business

Retail Business Services leverages the scale of the local brands to drive synergies and provides industry-leading expertise, insights and analytics to local brands to support their strategies with services including Information Technology...

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Finance & Accounting

BPO has found a place in almost every industry, and private equity portfolio companies are no exception. Finance and accounting are easier to manage with Finance-as-a-Service, and this is one of many reasons why PE firms decide to introduce it to their portfolio. To fully...

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Market Research

Market research is the process of determining the viability of a new service or product through research conducted directly with potential customers. Market research allows a company to discover the target market and get opinions and other...

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E- Commerce

E-commerce titans like Alibaba and Amazon forever changed the landscape of the retail industry, letting consumers purchase everything from electronics and clothing to household items with the click of a button. The booming success of ecommerce startups...

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Health Care

By 2023, business process outsourcing for healthcare is forecasted to keep growing spectacularly. The main reason is obvious, yet significant: it is an optimal way to let medical workers focus on actually providing health care. Therefore, many medical institutions...

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Insurance BPO is the process by which Insurance companies outsource some back-office tasks like data entry, bookkeeping and accounting to third party service providers like BPO companies. Insurers commonly do this to enable them to keep up with the increasing paper works and...

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Services Offering

Delivery Model

✓ Project requirement and specification with samples
✓ Project Analysis and identifying the methodology and tools
✓ Executing the samples and evaluation
✓ Work flow analysis
✓ Complexity and validations check
✓ Analyzing hourly and shift based production output
✓ QC and metrics definition
✓ Resource skills set and training evaluation
✓ Pricing and SLA - Signup
✓ Team training and Go LIVE!

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