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Call Center Services

Call Center Services

Call support is the most convenient way to reach customers and address challenges that are coming their ways. SGT Cloud Solution is one of the leading call center services providing companies across the globe. We have an experienced team of telecall services professionals for representing your company with extremely personalized responses. Our proficient and highly efficient team shows consistency with good results while offering domestic, offshore and onshore contact center services.


Our contact center solutions fulfil the requirement of front line, overflow, after-hours and seasonal programs for various companies. Our virtual assistants assist you in handling business processes with expertise. Be it through a phone call, live chat or email for sales or customer support or lead generation, our back-office services include all of these.

They help you to focus on your cores and grab more business opportunities. Call centers are known for their excellent role in engaging customers and personalizing solutions.

SGT Cloud Solution consists of a versatile team of agents who are trained to receive calls or make outbound phone calls. As such, the main types of call centers can be divided according to the services they provide: inbound and outbound.

An inbound call center receives incoming calls typically made by existing customers of businesses. Providing exceptional customer service is the main function of this type of call center.

Inbound call center services

Below are some common inbound telephones answering services:

Product or technical support – Agents answer questions regarding consumer products or services and provide technical support where possible. Call agents can also route customers to dedicated tech support teams if necessary.

Help desk services – Customers can report faults or problems, submit complaints, or order products. 

Payment and order processing – Agents can process and take payment for inbound sales orders via the phone or help customers resolve issues with payment, billing, or placing orders. 

Upgrades and renewals – Agents can handle customer calls regarding upgrades and renewals of subscription-based products or services.

Outbound Call Center Support

Outgoing calls are mainly initiated by sales and marketing teams. The main purposes of outbound services include:

Telemarketing – Agents use direct response marketing to contact warm leads or make cold calls in an attempt to sell a business’s goods or services.

Market research – This involves agents conducting phone surveys to identify customers’ pain points and better understand their customers.

Lead generation – Cold outreach allows agents to generate and qualify leads. 

Appointment setting – Agents can set appointments with customers on behalf of salespeople.

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