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How to Conduct an Online Board Meeting

A virtual board meeting permits your nonprofit to organize productive meetings without the physical limitations of an in-person meeting. Utilizing an online platform for board meetings, you can save time and money by avoiding costs for travel and manual procedures like registering attendance and making minutes. This will allow you to expand your membership pool for board members by including those who are unable to attend in person.

The process of establishing an online board meeting is relatively easy, however you’ll need to provide each member with the required link in advance. It can also be beneficial to send an initial link to the meeting members in advance of your first meeting, to make sure all equipment is functioning correctly.

A clear agenda is crucial for a successful virtual board meeting. Include a “any other matters item to cover any other issues not covered during the meeting. This will help keep your agenda on track, and will increase your productivity.

Be sure that all of your discussions are scheduled with an allotted time and the desired conclusion for each. This will give board members a sense that there is a structure and will help you speed through the meeting.

By providing all attendees with copies of your agenda and any other pertinent documents and other documents, they will be ready to share their knowledge. Additionally, you should use the video conferencing software when conducting your board meetings to increase participation and allow participants to see the body language of their fellow attendees to better understand non-verbal communication.

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