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Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting

BPO has found a place in almost every industry, and private equity portfolio companies are no exception. Finance and accounting are easier to manage with Finance-as-a-Service, and this is one of many reasons why PE firms decide to introduce it to their portfolio. To fully understand how outsourced accounting works with business process outsourcing, we must take a closer look at SGT Cloud Solution works on this, how such services could benefit your PE firm.

Private equity has many obligations and falls under a lot of financial regulations. This creates immense pressure on the finance and accounting staff in your portfolio. They must have a firm grip on all cash flows within the company, but they also need to stay informed about regulations and market conditions. With the advancement of information technology, staying up to date with relevant information shouldn’t be an issue. Still, if your portfolio company doesn’t have enough human resources allocated to the financial department, things can slowly become outdated.

The need for relevancy in the market has never been higher, and with poor financial reporting from the accounting staff, a private equity firm could see lower ROI over time. Miscommunication, wrong information, or the lack of staff could lead to bad decision making by the managing director. 

With SGT Cloud Solution, the whole process is simplified and tightly regulated. We offer Finance-as-a-Service is looking for top-notch global talent in the area of finance. We different business models, but it will strive to bring the best customer experiences to our customer at lowest costs.

If you decided to work with us we can offer financial accounting services, bookkeeping, payroll processing, tax planning and returns, payable and receivables accounts management, bank reconciliation, and financial reporting. Having such services at your disposal on-demand can bring considerable benefits to your PE portfolio but also remove the need to manage and hire financial management teams. Consider it as a form of process automation.

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