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Insurance BPO is the process by which Insurance companies outsource some back-office tasks like data entry, bookkeeping and accounting to third party service providers like BPO companies.

Insurers commonly do this to enable them to keep up with the increasing paper works and services they are obliged to process daily. Doing so increases efficiency and better client satisfaction.

The use of technology in the insurance sector has improved every aspect of the company’s processes and data management system. Outsourcing various IT aspects of an insurance company can be beneficial in various ways. Using the state of art, technology can help insurance agents to quickly respond to customer’s needs and provide accurate information to customers concerning insurance issues.

SGT Cloud Solution can help insurance companies to drastically reduce the volume of paperwork dealing with proposals and policies by making available to the customers various web based applications that automate most of the processes and tasks. This enables the insurance company to meet the needs of their customers in much lesser time than traditionally expected. It even eliminates the need for paper handling and travel costs.

Service processes, that were once time consuming and exhausting, are automated through the implementation of the latest technologies which greatly increase the revenue of insurance companies. Outsourcing to SGT Cloud Solution allows insurance companies to now generate more insurance proposals, policies and applications for their new customers thereby creating multiple opportunities for swift purchasing. Customers too are benefited as web-based applications allows customers to receive quotes, the complete application process, sign proposals and policies without even having to visit the insurance company in person.

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