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SMS & E-Mail Marketing Services

SMS & E-Mail Marketing Services

In the age of modern marketing, do you want to leverage SMS marketing and email marketing together for business growth? The digital age has fundamentally changed audience’s notions of brand communication, speed, cost, product information, and service. Therefore, it has provided marketers a robust new way to create customer’s value, engage customers, and build customer relationships.

Marketers must design strong value propositions and strategies that offer them the greatest advantage in their target markets. Email and SMS marketing are the most engaging platforms to help marketers to stand out in the eCommerce market. 

To go further in-depth of Email and SMS marketing together, let’s get an insight into how they are functioning individually in the market.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing still remains an important and growing digital marketing technique as around the world, more than 200 million emails are sent out every minute of every day. Today’s emails are not staid as text-only messaging of the past. Instead, they are colourful, inviting, and interactive. Email Marketing is used to cultivate relationships with potential customers and keep existing customers engaged.

Email marketing is the practice of using emails to promote offers and service, sale alerts, birthday greetings. Email marketing permits brands to send highly targeted, personalized, and relationship-building messages to the audience.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is the fastest-growing communication channel right now. mobile phones are ever-present, always-on, finely targeted, highly personal. These aforesaid benefits of mobile phones make them perfect for engaging large audiences anywhere, anytime as they move through the buying process.

SMS marketing is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages to the audience. The goal of SMS marketing is to build a database of subscribers to increase customer loyalty and a higher conversion rate.

Difference between SMS and Email marketing

  1. Message Length: Emails can be lengthy and can share detailed information in one-go. Unlike SMS, which only has 160 characters so it can only share short and concise messages to the audience.
  2. Read rate: Emails are generally read within 90 minutes after they are sent. On the other hand, text messages are read within 3 minutes with a 98% open rate.
  3. Format of the message: Unlike SMS, Emails have a subject line to give an insight on what to expect from the mail, attached images, and more than one call to action can be shared in the mail.
  4. Delivery: SMS can be delivered without access to the internet and Email requires the internet to deliver information to the audience.
Email and SMS marketing together for an effective relationship with customers to drive traffic

The two-fold goal of marketing is to attract potential customers by promising superior value and to keep and grow the existing customers by delivering value and satisfaction. For this strategy, Email and SMS marketing are complementary to each other to create value for customers to capture value from customers in return.

Above are the key points to prove Email and SMS marketing together as an ideal platform for real-time marketing.

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