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The Best Alternatives to Dropbox

Dropbox is the most well-known cloud storage service on the planet with more than 500 million monthly users. However, it doesn’t serve all needs and there are a number of superior alternatives that offer useful source more security and a wider selection of features.

Google Drive

For the beginning, Google Drive offers 15GB of cloud storage space for free. This is enough storage space for both small and large documents. It’s also a great option for users who wish to share files with other Google users.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is an excellent choice to share and store files if you are a Microsoft user. This well-known Dropbox alternative is fully integrated with Windows and includes online versions of Office applications.

SpiderOak One Backup

SpiderOak One backup is a reliable cloud backup service that will secure your files from ransomware attack and loss of data. It is a reliable cloud backup solution that allows for file recovery up to 2TB.


pCloud, a secure and private alternative for Dropbox that offers unlimited data capabilities with automated scanning and privacy policies that put your needs first. It is available in both paid and free plans and is simple to set up.


Internxt is an open-source cloud storage platform that is focused on privacy and data security, is called Internxt. It is a good choice for both businesses and individuals who are concerned about data privacy. It has a strict privacy policy and complete encryption.

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