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Three Types of User Data Storage

When it comes time to build applications, data from users is a vital aspect of providing a fantastic user experience. User data could include things like settings and customizations that users can make to a web platform. These details should be stored in a secure way and protected from unauthorised access.

There are many different ways in which user data can be saved, however this article will focus on three specific options that include: Local Storage, Session cox security suite plus review Storage and App Data. Each of these options comes with its own pros and cons, but all are suitable for storing tiny amounts of data inside the browser.

App data is a great way to store app-specific settings and preferences. However, it is important to keep in mind that data from apps is not a permanent record, which means that users who close their browser, or their session ends, all app data will be deleted. It is also important to note that app data isn’t safe, since anyone with the encryption key can view the information. It is suggested that app data should not be used to store sensitive information such as passwords.

Session storage is similar to app data in that it is also application-specific, but it is a lot more scalable and allows for a much larger amount of data to be stored. Similar to app data however, session data isn’t persistent. If a user clears the browser’s cookies, or the session ends, all session data will be lost.

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