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VDR Features That Are Most Important For Companies Evaluating Virtual Data Rooms

Security, scalability and user-friendliness are among the most important VDR options for companies when looking at virtual datarooms. Security features include virus and malware scanning firewalls, multifactor authentication, and advanced encryption to safeguard uploaded data. Audit logs contain detailed records of all actions that are performed in the VDR. This includes downloads, views and modifications to folders and documents. VDR admins can choose to create custom watermarks that give a name and date stamp to each downloaded file.

A good VDR will also allow users to customize their interface and notifications. Support should be available via phone, email in-app live chat, in-app live chat and help centers that feature videos about the product. The vdr should also be compatible with Apple, Android and Blackberry devices, without the need for additional plugins. Advanced text search allows users to look over documents or folders. Folder management tools should provide a hierarchical and logical structure, with tags adding an additional layer of flexibility. A Q&A area allows users to ask questions and provide answers about specific folders and documents.

Private equity firms and VCs typically have multiple clients at a time, requiring them to speedily and effectively share massive amounts of data. In these cases, a VDR is the ideal option to help with due diligence and help speed up the process. VDRs are also beneficial in other industries such as life science technologies, financial services. VDRs help these companies simplify the sharing of confidential information during litigation with clients, lawyers and third parties.

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