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Virtual Systems for Your Business

When you hear “virtual systems” what image does your mind think of? For many, virtualization sounds like a complicated, expensive technology not accessible to small enterprises. However, with options like Oracle’s VirtualBox and VMware Workstation available, this powerful technology is available for any business looking to boost their IT efficiency.

Virtualization is a process that transforms hardware resources into virtual components which can be delivered to users upon demand. These virtual components are referred to as VMs, which is short for Virtual Machines. When a VM is created, it’s basically an exact copy of an existing computer configuration. The new employee will be able to begin working right away on a machine exactly like the one used by their predecessor. This makes it easier to integrate an employee who is new and ensures all employees have access to software and the applications they require to do their job.

Another key benefit of VMs is that they can be used to run different operating systems. An employee may have a Mac, but require software that is only available on Windows. A VM lets them run this software on the Mac without having it stay informed with real-time board meeting solutions installed separately. Software developers also have to test their updates across different environments. Comparing the time and expense of running these tests on multiple physical devices with running them on a VM, can be a great option to save money.

Additionally the VM can be used to store backup and data files. This approach has several benefits, including cost reduction, disaster recovery and simplified management of storage. With cloud-based VM solution like HPE GreenLake, you can benefit from the built-in buffering capacity without the need to purchase extra hardware for your remote office or data center.

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